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Dental Technology

At Park Dental Arts, we use the latest technology to give you premium, in-depth care. Take a look at some of the dental equipment we use on a daily basis to serve you better.

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Intraoral cameras

In order to diagnose your condition, your dentist requires a good look at the inside of your mouth. With an intraoral camera, clear high-definition photos can be taken for a more accurate examination.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use significantly less radiation than regular X-rays while allowing us to examine the images on a computer. Once the image is on the computer, looking around and zooming in makes the detection of early decay and injury faster and easier.

Panoramic X-rays

A panoramic X-ray gives us a full comprehensive view of your teeth and jaw. This allows us to get a clear picture of your condition for easier diagnosis and treatment.

3D CT Scans

A 3D CT scan allows us to view your oral cavity from every angle and depth. This way we can determine specific things such as bone density for determining implant placement. This technology also aids us in the diagnosis of TMJ and the creation of orthodontics.


Planscan is a 3D digital intraoral scanner that allows us to create custom ceramic dental restorations. The device is hands-free, smooth, and effortless so your dentist can concentrate on your comfort. With this machine, your custom appliance can be created in a single visit.