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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in San Diego

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that emerge during or after adolescence. They are redundant and their emergence can be painful as well as damaging to nearby teeth.

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Due to the complications that arise from wisdom teeth emergence, 85% of dental cases call for their removal. Poor alignment and impaction are the two main dangers of wisdom teeth. This final set of molars can push on nearby straight teeth as they grow in, altering their alignment. If this happens, neighboring teeth, nerves, and the jawbone can be damaged. Impaction occurs when the wisdom teeth develop but fail to break through the soft tissue, or from breaking through partially and leaving an opening for bacteria to infect the soft tissue.

Our San Diego dentists will monitor and remove wisdom teeth as a part of your family’s ongoing dental healthcare plan.

Early removal of wisdom teeth can prevent damage to neighboring healthy teeth, bone, gum tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Call us today for your wisdom teeth removal consultation.

Videos about Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

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