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We Treat Your Entire Family

Park Dental Arts is proud to provide a warm, caring environment suitable for the whole family.

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Mother and daughter brushing teeth

Early Dental Care For Your Little One

A children’s dentist understands the unique needs and challenges of primary teeth and how best to preserve your child’s oral health as they grow and develop. Our dentists, Dr. Peggy Curtis and Dr. Hilda Thompson, are passionate about giving your child the early care they need while making them feel calm and comforted.

A warm, fun, and inviting environment is an important part of your little one’s oral care. Your child can look forward to their regular dental visits at Park Dental Arts.

Our family dentistry practice incorporates a wide variety of services and treatments to care for and maintain your child’s oral health for now and the future. Regular checkups should start as early as your child’s first tooth or one year of age (whichever occurs first).

As your child grows, we can provide preventative treatments such as sealants to protect their new teeth from decay as well as mouth guards for the budding sports enthusiasts. We can also detect early signs of other oral health problems before they develop into more serious and expensive issues.

Lifelong Oral Health For Adults and Seniors

Your family dental healthcare plan will ensure that your oral health is taken care of at every stage of life. From cosmetic treatments to dental restorations, you can rely on Park Dental Arts.

Preventative dentistry is crucial at every age, so be sure to come in for yearly cleanings and checkups to avoid future complications.

With a variety of denture and dental implant options (including mini implants), you can be sure that we’ll find a solution for your unique needs. Give us a call any time to book a cleaning, restoration consultation, or denture fitting.

The oral health needs of your family will vary all throughout life. Let us care for you every step of the way.

Videos about Family Dentistry in San Diego: