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Denture Options for Missing Teeth

At Park Dental Arts, we understand that your smile is important to you. Losing teeth or having teeth extracted can affect your confidence and your ability to perform daily tasks. We’re happy to provide a variety of denture options to give you your smile back.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures provide a sturdy and natural-looking solution for missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. When they are well-fitted and high-quality, they can give back a youthful appearance while restoring your ability to naturally talk and chew.

Park Dental Arts offers three different denture options to fit your unique needs.

Full Conventional Dentures

This denture replaces an entire row of teeth along either (or both) jaws. It’s custom crafted to mimic your natural teeth and gumline while fitting your mouth perfectly. While this type of denture is the most affordable, it can become unstable over time as bone density decreases in the jaw due to tooth loss.


Overdentures provide an extremely stable and long-term solution for replacing either an entire row or fewer teeth. They are supported by your natural teeth, or by dental implants. The insertion of dental implants not only support your overdentures, but helps maintain bone density and your natural facial structure.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are available in two types; removable and fixed. They are an option for you if you have remaining teeth. These dentures are either supported by the remaining teeth or by dental implants and consist of replacement teeth attached to a base which blends in with your gums. Fixed partial dentures are cemented to crowns placed on adjacent natural teeth, while the removable option has a clasp system that attaches to the crowns of adjacent teeth.

Hybrid Dentures

Also called fixed-detachable dentures, hybrid dentures provide a solution if you have a lot of bone loss in your jaws and wish to keep the surrounding teeth. If you were to get a regular bridge or implant, the lack of gum tissue would make the artificial tooth look too big for your mouth. With a hybrid denture, a pink acrylic piece fits between the tooth and your gum to give a more natural look while providing stable function. Multiple dental implants are used to permanently attach the denture and give it a solid base. Your hybrid denture will always be held securely in place and is only removable by a dentist for professional cleaning. For easy cleaning at home, the denture is designed to let you clean underneath without the need for removal.

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss the various denture options with you.

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